save me.

Jamie Oliver would not be happy about this.

My field correspondent just sent these in. This is what I'm walking/flying into tomorrow. I tend to mentally roll my eyes when bloggers/commenters cheerily lament, "OMG! I gained five pounds just looking at these pictures!!!" I mean, call me a shitty person or whatever, but that sentence seriously diminishes the likelihood of me reading any more of what you're writing ("OMG! You are a shitty person!!!").

That said...OMG! ect ect ect. The real southern tuna noodle casserole is at its barely-functioning heart a technological marvel: take the above items, crash them together in a casserole dish, bake for oh I don't know how long, and you get this:

Not the strawberry pie, of course. That would really be a marvel of technology.

But that's not all!

To give some context, this next dish was created specifically for a family member who finds tuna noodle casserole too adventurous.

Not having been at the scene, I'm a tiny bit confused about what's going on here, specifically what the white stuff is. It just might be cream cheese, which hardly seems reasonable, but...we'll find out for sure when my field correpondent checks back in.

Ah, right, the recipe. I believe this is called "Layered Beef and Cheese Dip". Take the below items:

And melt/brown in the oven. Serve with Tostitos brand tortilla chips if I'm not mistaken.

OMG! My crown fell off just looking at this picture. LOL.



steph said...

The top melange is missing a potato chip gratin. We never would have used Velveeta, but that's just because we never would have used Velveeta (and the mayo would have been Kraft).

MEM said...

To be honest, after I posted this, I realized that i wasn't 100% sure the Velveeta didn't belong with the beef dip (a term I've never used before) instead. The pictures came without notes, just a silent sarcasm.

And I know that a crunchy element is common. Can't be sure there's not something crunchy in/on there.

But do I know with 100% certainty that Hellman's is the only mayo that has ever been used in that house. I don't love it myself anymore, I've gotten used to Dutch mayo...

Thanks for stopping by!