the towel, thrown in.

It's official: I'm not going to America right now, for a host of reasons. The biggest conglomerate reason being that, after losing almost two weeks to bureaucracy and volcanos, it just doesn't make sense anymore in terms of time, complexity, money, and the situation itself.

Yes, we are all hugely disappointed. Lower lips: out.

If there's one thing I'm happy about, it's a slight lessening of pressure in Atlanta, or a slight uptick in optimism, or both. Go team!

If there are two things I'm happy about, it's that I can finally: unpack my suitcase; buy more than one days' worth of groceries; conceivably start any project which will take more than 24 hours to complete. Exit Limbo.


One remaining problem: a housesitter who has really been counting on staying at our place, and definitely needs somewhere to sleep next week. So, Mara and I tried to come up with a road trip adventure for me that would cost almost nothing.

And? I'm going to London for a week, staying with Jen & Ken, you remember them, right? Am I counting on being able to fly there? Psh. I'm taking a boat.


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