love hate mail.

Want some hate mail? All you have to do is slag off somebody's home city-state-country-region-favorite food. Everyone knows this. Why do they still do it?

You have to wonder why someone who took the trouble to join an online discussion forum like, say...eGullet, one that requires more than just "create a username and password to join" membership...why they would present statements of opinion as absolute fact. Say, for example:

"Everyone knows that the best (cooked meat preparation) is the original (regional variation) from (region)."

This person is either

a) looking for a fight. This is the only truly defensible reason to phrase a sentence in the above manner.
b) under 25 years of age. 'Nuff said.
c) a long-time NYC resident who hasn't traveled much, or someone who has just moved to NYC and is eager to become a "New Yorker".

Let the hate mail begin!