shooting out sparks.

From an open mic performance at Schijnheilig Thursday night. I'm pretty sure he didn't even use a mic, a fact for which he compensated by having his penis visible throughout his "set".



what i'm missing.

Beautiful weather + Me inside all day every day = frown city.




Above is where I am every day at 11am. Then I go upstairs for nine hours and stuff like this happens:


spring can really hang you up the most.

Camembert and honey on toast. A break from the studio, 30 mintues of lunch at Cafe Wilhelmina (my smoked salmon sandwich with wasabi mayo, soy sauce, and scallions was good...Hilly's hummus + roasted veggie sandwich was not good because of superdry homemade hummus and a weirdly pitched spice mix, Anat's carpaccio/truffelmayo was the best of the lot I think). Back in the studio while the sun continues to laugh in our face.




Saturday morning, 8:18am. Where am I going? To a funeral services industry trade fair in Alkmaar. For research.




Yes. Big Bends Nut Sauce is officially a "stringed instrument tuning lubricant", so-called because the area on a guitar where the neck meets the headstock is called the nut, and that's where you put this.

Record-breaking lack of posts continues, with no discernible hint of abatement on the horizon. Today, an improvised tortilla/frittata that was pretty repeatable: caramelized onions (of course); courgette/zucchini; thyme; feta; mint; 6 eggs.