1 cup masa
1/4 tsp salt
pinch ground cumin
pinch ground chile of your choice
1 tbsp room temp butter

3 tsp ancho chile paste
1 tsp BBQ sauce
2/3 cup warm water

1) black beans + green salsa + cotija cheese + squirt of lime + cilantro
2) poblanos + provolone + cotija cheese + mushrooms + lime + basil 

Stir dry ingredients together. 
Incorporate butter. 
Add ancho and BBQ sauce. 
Gradually add warm water with one hand while kneading with the other. 

Roll into tennis ball size. 
Make dimple for beans or poblanos, fill, cover seam. 
Flatten between two pieces of baking paper. 
Toast in a skillet for 3 minutes a side. 
These can hang out like this until: 
Fry in butter or oil, 2 minutes a side. 
Top. Serve. 

Makes 3 decent sized huaraches. 



9.33 months.


7.5 months bitches.

 But in actuality I'm not even counting anymore, it's just happening. I am thinking about coming back here to write! Let's see. 


6 months no drinkie.

I do have a pounding headache however. 




2020, still.

Not really the best year on record is it. This opening sentence reminds me of blogs I used to read while I was still blogging and reading blogs, when I would think "what are you writing for?" I guess it's more productive than watching TV (remember TV?). But this, whatever it is...I don't really understand.




It's a telling barometer of social media trends that I find this blog to be the "least social" place to put a thought into words. Do blogs even still exist? Can't be bothered to check.

The North Garden is in mostly full...bloom? Swing? What do gardens do. There are lots of edible things out there. Questions to self: 1) what to do with 409 radishes? They are delicious with a little butter and salt, but I fear there is a limit to that appeal. 2) how much arugula and/or spinach pesto can you make? This seems to be the quickest way to dramatically reduce the shelf space that leafy greens consume, but I struggle to find uses for it other than pasta or sandwiches. Yes ok.