pickled tomatoes.


400-500g cherry tomatoes, halved
2 scallions, greens and whites, sliced diagonally
1 green chile, chopped
½ cup white vinegar
⅙ cup brown sugar
2 tsp flaky salt
1 tbsp thinly sliced ginger
1 tbsp thinly sliced garlic
2 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp black peppercorns
2 tsp ground cumin
1 bay leaf
1 tsp cayenne
1 tsp turmeric
½ cup blended oil (50/50 canola/olive)

In a pickling jar combine tomatoes, scallions, and chile. In stainless steel saucepan, bring vinegar to a boil, add brown sugar and salt and cook until dissolved, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. In a bowl next to stove combine garlic, ginger and spices. Heat oil in stainless steel saucepan until hot, add ginger/garlic/spices and cook, stirring constantly, for 4 minutes, until “aromas are released”. Remove from heat and carefully stir in vinegar mixture. Immediately pour over tomato mixture. Wait at least a day to eat, lasts 5-7. 



1500mg turmeric
1 cod liver 


u n f e s t i v e.

"Ever stop and think about how many people you've already seen for the last time?" Actually yes, I do/have, and it's not really the worst thought of all time. How many still-living people in your life do you actually need to see again? I think my number is "less than 10". 



f e s t i v e.

These things go together. 


Caramelized Garlic Tart (thyme)
Cognac Pears with Fennel and Hazelnut

Anna Jones
Mushroom/Rice/Chestnut Roast (sage, rosemary)
Celery Root + Sweet Garlic Pie (mustard, sage, rosemary)
Roast Potatoes (rosemary)

Carrot Osso Buco (mushroom, red wine, vadouvan)
Rodekool (clove & bay leaf)
Aardappel puree (butter & nutmeg)
Endive/Blue Cheese/Hazelnut/Pear/Honey/Mustard


dupuytren dosing.

 Merry new year. Starting experimental protocol today, hand hurting. 

1) 400mg magnesium citrate internally
2) 50 micrograms Vitamine D (2000 IU/IE) internally
3) 3mg Boron internally. 

4) 5 drops Mg oil topically
5) 5 drops primrose oil topically



dupuytren's contracture, treatment plan 1.

Putting this here in the absence of anywhere else good to put it. 


I'll write an intro to this in a bit, for now I just need to write down amounts and manufacturers so I can place an order for all this shit. But fuck: like most homeopathic remedies, there is just zero consensus on anything. 

1) Vitamin D3 supplement, 4000IU, or is this way too much. 
2) Boron, topical? One of the more obscure possible cures. Some data here. Suggested mediums, media?  Calcium fructoborate containing 3 mg of Boron twice per day. 10mg internal was also suggested somewhere. Need to figure out dose. 
3) Primrose oil, topical. Seems simple, might also help with my menopause problem. 
4) Magnesium biglycinate (biglycinate b/c it's absorbed better. Magnesium oxide is supposedly "barely bioavailable") at least 100mg internal because external can cause irritation, which is the last thing my hands need. There are many online articles/posts about this but they all seem to somehow refer back to Denise Nagel's experience

5) DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). Unclear effects. 
6) Xiaflex, a solution of collagenase enzymes that's injected right into the cords, seems like the least potentially destructive of the "real medical procedures", but people have also described it as "incredibly painful". 



america 2021.

My deep cynicism about this blog and about blogging in general will be placed on pause for the next 30 days as I attempt to document what must certainly be an especially unique moment in time, as if all moments in time aren't unique: in the middle of a global pandemic, the general dissolution of capitalist illusions, and the beginning of the climate change endgame, I'm irresponsibly taking a pollution-spewing commercial flight from one of the "hottest" Delta variant hotspots in Europe to one of the, get ready for this, "hottest" places in America. See that, hot/hot? It's like riding a bike. 

Anyway, please see Instagram for the aforementioned documentation. Here's a bit also. 


It's not even noon yet but this morning's input has already generated a multitude of sputtering emotional outputs and my flight is still 3 hours away. The first of these outbursts occurred at 09:52, when I arrived at Station Sloterdijk underslept and on high alert only to discover that in the time it took me to leave the house and catch a bus for a 12 minute ride, my arch-nemesis the NS had cancelled most of the trains to the airport. The point of even going to Sloterdijk in the first place is its "ease of connectivity" to the airport.

Maybe I'll write again about the NS, but my loathing is a flavor of hatred so monotonous and unproductive that there's almost no point in indulging it. For now, we'll just say that I managed to catch the last train from Sloterdijk to Schiphol before things got really shitty. Then, cue all kinds of feelings about being at the airport, a familiar place, where almost nothing works the way it used to. I did feel gratitude at being an experienced traveller who is mostly sighted, mostly mobile, and mostly accustomed to the basic idiosyncrasies of European travel so that I could truly focus on being stressed out about pandemic-specific details. 

But, it all went kind of fine, some of it felt even quicker than usual, even though true efficiency continues to be made impossible by those people who seem surprised to find themselves at the airport, caught completely off guard by a request for their boarding documents or ID. Then: I saw right in front of me a mother looking at her teenage boy's face the way only a mother can, searching for clues, ready to accept any or all of the information they hinted at, and for a moment I understood what I was doing today. AWWWWWWWWW.

Then, you know, you see a couple fellow passengers not wearing masks properly; you engage in a few of those standard "in case I don't see you again, goodbye forever" conversations with loved ones; you feel all the feels about being sober at an airport for the first time in many years, ect ect ect. Is like bad carnival ride. 

Turns out not much has changed about the actually being on a plane part of flying. Boarding seemed faster due to a revolutionary new "five rows at a time instead of ten" technique. You could still only understand/hear half the announcements. It's still impossible to figure out how to get your futuristic Entertainment Screen out of your armrest. Cabin crew come by less frequently, and talk less because nobody can hear or understand anybody else. 

There is still no room to do anything at all except pray for a wormhole or some other non-lethal deus ex machina escape mechanism. I guess I'm going to have to turn to movies pretty soon. Only 6 out of 9 hours left on this flight.