My second no-knead bread, this one was the slow version, left to rise overnight. I thought it was slightly better in every way than the quick version. But really, how can this be all I have to say after months of near-silence.



het platteland.

Above: Garnwerd, a wierde village, population 320. Below: Cafe Hammingh, possibly built in 1876, with an upstairs full of stampeding ghosts and snippets of techno music, we spent 10 minutes silently exploding with laughter, high-school-style, in the otherwise completely quiet room full of people eating seriously; Noordpolderzijl and the Nelsker, apparently headed off for an afternoon of bowling in the flatlands; the carpet-tabled interior of 't Zielhoes; the harbor at Noordpolderzijl, the smallest harbor in Nederland. However on this particular day as you can see "there is no boat in the harbor".