View from the Groningen train station. Ottolenghi's root vegetable mash with stewed shallots (or whatever it would be called in English) from Plenty More. View from the train to Groningen. Momofuku's shrimp and grits (and bacon and egg). View from the train to Groningen. Ottolenghi's tagliatelle with walnuts and surprisingly good spinach, date and pita salad. Cafe Atlantis in Groningen, Nelson in foreground Bert in background. Bert's tosti, winner of the VDuck Tostiproeftest 2015.


hello two thousand sixteen.

It's all happening so fast. Two point five weeks down. I just turned forty fucking seven. Yes I'm going to spell out every single goddamn number I use in this mother effing, yes I'm joking, I'm not really saying mother effing, paragraph.


ameland 2.0.