band on the run.

8:08am, Saturday, I'm spending some time with the New York Times, which I don't do so much anymore, but a couple of things caught my eye.

This item about how the ash cloud is affecting musicians: Europe's Cloud of Ash Casts Pall Over World of Music. Sounds like a bit much, but we even felt the "pall" last night at Andy's CD release show when they had to play first b/c the opener was still en route due to travel snarls.

And this bit by Harold McGee about some of my favorite people: Cilantro Haters, It's Not Your Fault.


Photo above borrowed from Het Parool...for non-Amsterdammers, it's a picture of Schiphol, our airport, specifically the ticket counter for rail service. There should not be this many people there.

An interesting item in the Parool mentioned also that after they stopped letting flights leave, they also closed the duty-free liquor stores. How smart was that? Extremely.

Something else I didn't think about: for some people, leaving Schiphol is not an option because they don't have visas for the Netherlands. Chinese travelers, for example. If Amsterdam was a connecting flight for them, they're stuck in the terminal section of the airport because they can't make it through Passport Control. I'm not even sure they can go outside to breathe fresh air...and can you imagine three days of airport food, especially if you're used to eating in China?

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