bringing it all home.

It's funny, some people would say, how things you read about in the news don't really seem 100% real until they enter your own life. And then once they've entered, they don't seem like the thing you were reading about in the news, they just seem like your life. Say, for example..."subprime mortgage crisis". Didn't really seem real until, well...it was.

What am I talking about, exactly. Well, you know how we don't like to talk too much about truly personal matters here at VDuck, but I thought maybe just this once it would be inspirational, or necessary, although also probably depressing, to document some of what is happening. I promise not to reveal too much, don't worry.

So...as soon as my new passport shows up, I'll see you in America. Any minute now.


To lighten this post, I've included photos of Calico Squeezy Peep and the To3n Crier. Expect lots of animal photos over the next few weeks.

I also just noticed that in the picture of Calico Squeezy Peep you can see the grossness that is what's left of my right big toe after not breaking it with that hammer that one time. I mean, that's what it looks like now. Good thing I'm not a foot model.

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