out in the streets.

I went to Electric Avenue today. Don't laugh, but I didn't know there was an actual Electric Avenue until I was standing on it today. C'mon, I can't be cool all the time.

And here's what it looked like.

Basically like a very big and more urban, African, and food-centric Dappermarkt. Which sounds great, right? But I was kind of disappointed, I guess only because we have a large West Indian population in Amsterdam, and this was kind of shockingly similar. And remembered Brixton being edgy as fuck the last time I was there. It probably was.


Martha is almost four and a half years old. The things that have come out of her mouth in the past couple days are killing me, completely. the last one was, "Mummy, may I water the courgettes?"

I hope to have video soon.

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