easter grub.

This morning's coffee/bed/Scrabble session generated a creature called the Easter Grub, who doesn't bring children any candy or eggs (due to lack of limbs, hands, etc.), and just kind of oozes around instead of merrily hopping.


Yesterday I had a tasty little meal over at Mega5ubtle, Inc (a slightly improbable soup of shiitake, chickpeas, and spinach in a mushroom broth, but it's totally good), and today our lovely neighbors Andy + Vale (who brought us the fresh Italian bay leaves pictured above) have invited us down the hall for some kind of meal. Nice! We're experimenting with some kind of Northern Italian stuffed cabbage thing.


Here's DWOD #2. Of course, if you are a native speaker and you see something egregiously wrong with this translation, you'll let me know, won't you?

daverende: thumping, concussive, thunderous

TMOP: “You are now glad that you came,” Mohammed said to me, rather irrelevantly shaking my hand. Then he barged into the pounding foyer.

DGVP: ‘Je bent blij dat je gekomen bent,’ zei Abdullah tegen mij, terwijl hij nogal nodeloos mijn hand schudde. Daarna stormde hij de daverende hal in.



Klary Koopmans said...

nodeloos is weird and old fashioned. Overbodig woul be better.
Also> is it the hall itself that is pounding, or does 'pounding foyer' mean that the foyer is pounding with people, noise, etc? In the dutch translation you feel like the buildng is shaking from an earthquake or something.

I still feel that a much better thing to do to improve your Dutch is to read something that is beautifully written - in Dutch.

MEM said...

The foyer is pounding with extremely loud party music...

I agree that this is not the "best" way to improve my Dutch, there are probably 75 better ways. Hopefully I'll do some of those soon as well.

The thing about the "reading something beautifully written in Dutch" is that I'm lacking an emotional connection to the words. Like, at this point no Nederlandse word makes me feel anything. So I guess I'm trying to take something that I do have an emotional connection to and at least get some interesting vocab out of it.

I also know that I'm not going to use "daverende" every day, but even just transcribing the sentences is teaching me something on some level...