bailed out.

Let's take a large pause to appreciate the unlikely continuing awesomeness of Disk Union for once again allowing us to figuratively bring home the bacon.


The hive is humming with activity this morning, the soundtrack to which is Earth, Wind, and Fire's Greatest Hits, which takes me back to 1978 and The Best of Earth, Wind, and Fire, Vol. 1 (not the same disc at all).

In 1978, I was 9 years old, and though I'd been dipping my toe into my parents' record collection for a few years, this was one of the first records to unlock my penchant for obsessing over a piece of music. I know all the lyrics and every hilarious Philip Bailey melisma (a word my spell-checker doesn't know), etc.

Mara is right there with me on most of it, so if you pass by our street some time this morning, you may well hear two dueling Philip Baileys crowing their hearts out over top of the hammering, drilling, sawing, etc.


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