wheel in the sky.

I was going to send this to Mara but then I thought heck, I'll share it with ALL OF YOU. Zora is in town and has taken some nice pictures of places I've been lately but have not myself taken pictures of.


I've been informed that my passport is in fact here in Amsterdam and should be in my possession tomorrow or Thursday, and that means I am out of here on Thursday or Friday, thus ending my thoroughly useless and frustrating limbo (yay!) and restoring a little Moop back into my life (double yay!).


I haven't talked about this much here because, yeah, it's kind of boring, and in general (insert 14-minute pause for self-reflection to see if this is really true, and the verdict is: not sure) I don't like to complain, but my RSI pain had not ever really gone away as expected, and in fact had gotten quite a bit worse. Which unfortunately made sense, since we continued to have gigs into March.

I mention it here because there's a lot of RSI info out there in Googleville, but not a ton for guitarists, and specifically not much at all for my situation (switching from being a life-long flatpicker to almost 100% fingerstyle over the course of a rather intense 3 months).

But lo: the constant pain and stiffness have diminished greatly over the past week, like amazingly, which is really, truly fantastic news because throughout March my sleep and thus general mood had been steadily worsening, plus I was supposed to be working out but I had zero strength or flexibility in my right arm (did I mention the constant pain?), etc etc etc.

Now the bad news: the solution seems to have been to basically stop playing guitar for three weeks. Not ideal. But, I'll take it for now.


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