pom kroket?

So, we're working on this piece in Rotterdam, which I think is going pretty well except for the RSI troubles that J-Kim and I are experiencing. J-Kim's been having them for months, mine just began about two weeks ago, but somehow neither of us immediately associated the relentless and nearly-incapacitating neck and right shoulder pain with our recent adoption of new (for us) right-hand fingerpicking techniques. Turns out that your fingerbones are connected to your neck bones after all.


When I get to Rotterdam on rehearsal days, I take the tram to Tiendplein, which plunks me down right in the middle of like 12 Surinamese/Chinese tokos. I also arrive right at noon, so it would seem natural to do some lunchtime snacking over the next couple of weeks. I think I'll start with Kiem Foei on Monday. Rotiland also has some great reviews, and Sangam might be nice for a post-rehearsal curry if that ever happens.

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