i'm so high.

(Photo credit: The 4-year-old Cole Mitchell)


Wi-Fi again at 30,000 feet. This is a good invention.

Unrelatedly, I have some questions:

1) Americans will not only apologize for accidentally running into you, but they will also apologize for accidentally walking too close to you. A woman walked past me today and whispered, "Sorry". What about? We weren't standing in line, she wasn't obstructing my view...what had she done wrong???

2) As my good friend Terrill Soules once observed, "It is impossible to not think about sex in an airport." I'm pretty sure I'm paraphrasing him as usual, because that sentence sounds a bit awkward, but nonetheless: in my experience, he is absolutely right. But why???

3) Delta Air Lines is serving an "Almond Butter Sandwich" as part of their breakfast menu (you have to pay for it). What percentage of the passengers on this flight know what almond butter is???

4) Who, who, who brings a child on to an airplane and gives them a DVD player to watch WITHOUT HEADPHONES??? This is the kind of thing that gives parents a bad name. This person has somehow not noticed that every other living creature on the airplane is listening to audio via headphones EXCEPT FOR THEIR CHILD. This is a rhetorical question by the way, the answer is "the inconsiderate assholette in seat 41B".

5) This isn't a question. You may have noticed that the links off to the lower right here have changed recently, as they tend to do. I'd like to highlight Poesy Galore, a blog run by a librarian/cartoonist that is really hitting the spot for me lately. She's a great filter for catching intellectually stimulating bits that are careening around out there on the Information Superhighway.

6) Also not a question: I must be really, really tired, because I just fell asleep for 20 minutes on an airplane, which I never, ever do. I truly cannot wait to see my bed and all the creatures that normally hang out in it.

7) I guess the questions are over for the moment. I had a very good shrimp burrito last night, from Baja Fresh, who I've maligned on this site before I believe. Not everything we got was good, the chips were stale as all get-out, but that burrito was pretty darn perfect.


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