spooky tooth.

It's been an exciting couple of days. I discovered a new way to break your tooth (tortilla chip splitting molar in two: fast, effective). To counteract this, I had another positive dental experience at TandartsJordaan (that makes about 14 of them in a row now).

SUDDEN UPDATE: If you know me, of course you know what had to happen like an hour after I typed that last sentence. My fucking temporary crown came off, nearly killing me in the process. And that's why we (everyone say it together now)...Never Underestimate The Great Magnet.


Before nearly choking to death on my own newly-minted artificial tooth, I also spent some quality time with the Reklame bin at De Avondmarkt. For you non-locals, the Reklame bin is quite like the Clearance rack in concept, except that most of the things in the Reklame bin were never for sale at non-Reklame prices...they start out there. I don't know if that makes sense to you or not.

The Reklame bin is one of my favorite things about De Avondmarkt (a store about which I love many things), because you never know exactly what's going to be in there, and sometimes it's very interesting and/or good.

Also often German, for some reason. Pictured above is a small piece of, yes, horse sausage. Made from horses. In the Clearance bin. Below, duck liver mousse. Just a small piece. Good thing I had this around, I needed some soft food this morning.


Zora said...

Oh gawd! I wish I hadn't read this right before bed! I always have bad dreams about my teeth falling out as it is.

And the Reklame bin: reminds me of when I lived in London, and the only thing we could afford at the butcher was labeled "Bacon Misshapes."

Seriously, good luck with the tooth thing.

MEM said...

Ooh, sorry I missed this...Misshapes is a much better term than Reklame.

Thanks for the good wishes....tooth currently under control.

MEM said...

sorry, i meant "more evocative" instead of "better".