I was in an amazing mood today when I woke up, and went to the park for awhile and sat in the sun. Then I went to Pacific Parc for a beer. Shortly thereafter, my mood headed in a less amazing direction when I found out that I wasn't actually flying out after all, passport or no passport. But, as they say on the street..."It's all good."


Well, of course it's not all good. Some things are not. Volcanic ash, for example. Also, the service at Pacific Parc is not good. I would say it's ridiculously, laughably bad, and the food at Pacific Parc is just as bad, I'm afraid.

And yet...I continue to like going there, truly. Why would I go there instead of the Westergasterras? I don't know. Maybe it's the monkeys?

Really, somehow it works for me. You just shouldn't expect to eat anything, not even a tosti (last time I was there with KK she declared her tosti "the worst tosti ever", and tostis are a difficult thing to fuck up).

Also, you should sidestep the table service and get your own drinks at the bar, and then just enjoy the sunny terrace and/or the elaborate decor inside. Music's not terrible either.

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