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Me And You And Everyone We Know (2005), Roger Ebert's 5th Best Movie of the Decade.


Um, I'm still like on a Cameo intravenous drip, they're keeping me afloat. In this thematically-connected episode, we see Former Guitar Teacher in an even scarier outfit (w/hair extensions???). He makes a couple of brief appearances throughout, but really enters the scene at 3:10, just after Miles Davis disappears (it's actually Miles Davis, and if you'd read that interview with Pat I posted, you'd know why, wouldn't you).

It's a terrible radio edit of the actual guitar solo, I'd be totally pissed. In fact, he looks totally pissed. Wu-Tang people will already know "Back and Forth" as the sample from "Gravel Pit".


tasteofbeirut said...

In response to your question, I would definitely try it, except 3 tablespoons of onions just not sound like a lot. The pate is supposed to set for at least 5 hours (it has to do with the texture) but maybe mixing it with the other one will help there? Let me know if you try it what the results were.

tasteofbeirut said...

Also you need to consider that it needs to bind with something, that is why ghee is used here, or butter.

MEM said...

Thanks very very much for responding...I'm heading to the store now, we'll see how it goes...I'll let you know!