i smell hands.

This blog sure did change a lot over the summer. I mean, that's the impression that I get until I remember that it was supposed to change a lot over the summer. So, yes. It did. Congratulations, me: I now have a boring, rarely-updated blog just like 97% of the rest of the blogosphere. 

That's OK, it's not a competition! Is it??? And I'm now focused on "better", more important things, aren't I (these are rhetorical, I apologize)???


I'm reminded of how shitty different Le Blog is these days because I have a life-altering event coming up this week which should probably spur a revisitation of deeper blogging concepts (whatever). 

Tomorrow I'm beginning my first ever juice fast. Seven days of nothing but juice and water. Actually tomorrow is the first of three preparation days wherein I begin cutting out caffeine and dairy products, start eating fruit instead, and start taking spirulina and linseed to "stimulate my intestines" (I don't even want to really imagine what a stimulated intestine will want to do with itself once it gets going), and then Thursday is my first real foodless day. 

For you healthcare professionals out there who are hoping that I've got safe guidelines to follow: I bought a kit today that our boy Andy recommended to me (he's just finishing the fast now) from a company called Demeter. The kit is a big box with everything you need: the juices, the supplements, and a helpful little booklet (which you can download here, if reading Dutch or French is something you do).


The hands above are Mara's grandmother's. The hands I can smell are mine. Since today is my last day of real eating, I needed to roast this chicken I had. I'm going off the rails again and improvising: I've rubbed this one with an extremely limily fragrant Indian green mango pickle. We'll see. 



Abra said...

What the fuck are you trying to do to yourself???

MEM said...

God, I wondered what it would take to get someone besides me to use some profanity on this blog! Now we know: juice fast.

Yis, I had a really stressful September during which I did almost nothing right from a health perspective. So I needed some penance.

And then I saw Andy yesterday and he looked about 905% better than when I saw him a week earlier, and I asked him what the fuck he'd done to himself, and he said.....juice fast.

Wish me luck.
I'm reciprocally wishing you guys some anti-hospital momentum force.