slowing down.

I just had the best Granny Smith apple of my entire life (well, half of one). And the best bite of banana ever. Yes, I ended my fast this morning, on Day 5. I'm not too bummed out about it, it was my first fast and I learned a lot, I'm sure it won't be the last one. I just need some more energy at hand to accomplish what I need to accomplish this week. Y'know?

So it's fruit and raw vegetables only for the first day back on the horse. I'm really looking forward to chewing. Then pureed cooked vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains can be introduced. No fat until Day 3. Now we go vegetarian for the rest of the month as a more practical exercise in discipline. Recipe/plans to follow.

Oh, and caffeine? I missed you. SO MUCH. Welcome back.


Today I'll be making borscht for tomorrow and points thereafter, based on this recipe. I say borscht, but I have a feeling that no Eastern European would consider this a real borscht as it will have no meat in it. How many times can I type borscht in this paragraph? Borscht. 

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