rainy days and sundays.

Here's where Karen and I part ways. I like both rainy days and Sundays (OK, ja, I know it's Mondays, thank you). Then again I also like head cheese and Merzbow, for which I'll wager that Karen had little or no affinity (the Usage Panel here at VDuck HQ gave that deployment of the word affinity considerable attention).

Yesterday's rainy Sunday, however, was a bit of a cooking bust for the ol' Duck. When it came right down to it I wasn't very inspired for some reason: everything was just OK. The squash was an OK substitute for the shrimp in the risotto, but I think that that risotto recipe is just so good that you could substitute bath pearls or wood screws for the shrimp and it would still be "OK".

And my appetizers were kind of unfinished: the artichokes tasted good but they weren't tender enough to eat whole; my crostini were boring, etc, blagh.

The leftovers, on the other hand, are absolutely chompable. I just had a baguette loaded up with spuma di tonno and caponatina, a combo which I considered serving last night but did not and which surely would have been better than anything I did serve. Like Alanis said: etc. etc. etc.

Food aside, fun was had, pets were introduced, nude pictures were shared, a nice new affordable red wine was discovered, music was discussed debated and laughed at, scrabble was played, et cetera and yis.


Elsewhere: some opportunist took my tip on the Unlimited Delicious macarons and followed up on it, and in doing so separating the real macaron-lovers in town from the macaron-buyers and -crushers.


Tonight? Mussels!


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