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Welcome to Day 4 of Real Fasting. I did indeed cross a border at 14:00 on Day 2, I haven't been exhausted or starving since then. Tired and listless, yes. But not totally, cartoonily deflated. And I do get hungry, very hungry, but usually only when it's just about time to eat. 

Something that has helped immensely has been the aforementioned addition of fresh herbs to my juices. This morning I made another "carrot soup" that I think I really enjoyed (it's hard to say if it was truly good or if I'm just desperate for something that tastes like something): carrot, ginger, cilantro, and togarashi, the Japanese spice blend of chili pepper, black sesame seeds, seaweed, and a couple other harmless things (no MSG). It's almost like eating! 

I've also forgone the optional vegetable boullion that was included in my fasting kit in favor of Bambu "coffee". It's a coffee substitute made from chicory, malted barley, wheat, figs, and acorns. Tastewise you'd never mistake it for coffee, but I think it's really good on its own terms, it's got that roasted and slightly bitter flavor profile that seems right first thing in the morning. I assumed it was OK to sub in because the optional vegetable boullion had wheat in it as well, and anyway....it's only a tablespoon a day. 


So I told myself yesterday that today might be my last day of real fasting. For a lot of reasons. Although I feel much much better than Day 1, I've still got a constant headache and I'm not sleeping very well, and as a result I'm not getting very much accomplished during the days. On the plus side, I started weighing myself yesterday, and my weight today was down at least one kilo almost two from yesterday. Who knows how much I've lost since I started. Perhaps hundreds of pounds.

But I think I've decided to keep going. I apologize for the TMI, but my pee just turned dark today, which supposedly means that the toxins are coming out. So it seems like my body's just getting started with the important work. Plus, there's that kilo per day to think about. 

For late lunch, we have a "borscht" of beet juice, dill, coriander, caraway, and lemon juice. 

As soon as I'm really cooking again? I'm going to try and reverse engineer some of these Jeremy Fox ideas from his restaurant ubuntu, rare examples of compelling vegetarian food pr0n. Here is the eGullet thread, and here's the cauliflower recipe.


UPDATE: Flip-flop. I hate being all Flaky Spice, but I've decided to stop in the morning...my energy level is just too low to accomplish what needs to be done at the moment. A lot of it is creative work that doesn't respond well to coercion or stubbornness: you can't just bark "toughen up" or some other similarly motivating machismo-taunt...your creative engine just looks at you like a scolded cat. No comprehension, nothing happens. 

So, this was my first ever fast, 4 full days, not bad. I learned a lot, really. I think I'm going to try and eat vegetarian, maybe even vegan for the rest of the month, I've gotten used to the idea of vegetables only. 

Here are some more Jeremy Fox recipes for my perusal:

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