falling into place.

Fuck, will I be glad when this election is over. I can barely stand to be on the Internets these days.

But whatever. Good news! I am way ahead of the game on cancer-proofing my diet. But seriously, this is news? For how many more years will we be reading that "cruciferous vegetables fight cancer".


In less cranky news, I'm cooking on Sunday. For what was supposed to be a joyous, manly occasion. But have you ever purchased something really amazing-seeming, waited for weeks for it to arrive, and then been completely deflated by the complexity of putting it together/installing it?

Well, Sunday was supposed to be a day of installing some new toys that J-Kim bought (one for me as well! of course, it was the "Robin" version to his "Batman" version...I am just the sidekick after all), followed by a triumphant Italian dinner.

However, me and my technical Tiem took a very close look at the situation yesterday and well, it's a bit more complicated than advertised. I believe the manufacturer's propaganda said something like "Snaps Right On!" or "Installs in Seconds!!!".

As usual, reality lived up to its name and here's what really has to happen to get this installed:

I don't know if you can read that, but there's no "snapping right on". Perhaps to make up for this lack of snapping, there are several opportunities to drill new holes in your guitar. And the upshot is: we're not comfortable drilling a bunch of new holes in J-Kim's main guitar right before he has a bunch of important gigs.

So, it's just dinner tomorrow. Italian. I'm going to make a caponata even though Mara thinks she doesn't like eggplant. I bought some tiny artichokes at the Marocs (formerly the Turkish guys) today so I'm going to try carciofi alla Romana. I think that's what I mean (ETA: it is). Yes I know that the video above is not alla Romana.

And then...a vegetarian twist on the semi-famous Sage and Saffron Risotto, this one will feature petite cubes of roasted butternut squash instead of le shrimpuses, so we get risotto al zucca, salvia e zafferano.

Oh, and here's how to peel a butternut squash.


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