deep thoughts.

Just a little update here...hopefully I crossed some sort of hunger/energy border today: slept like shit, was in a terrible mood this morning, thought there was no way I was going to do this for another five days, and then...

I had some random blend of herbal teas after "lunch", and suddenly felt almost human. Went for a walk, studiously avoiding looking at anything tempting on the Haarlemmerstraat, and came home still feeling OK. And in fact, I wasn't even starving at "dinner" time. 

This is very good news! If the massive energy vaccuum and constant growling stomach are gone, that means all I have to deal with is the relentless boringness of knowing what my next 15 meals are going to be. That and constantly being surrounded by people eating and drinking whenever I leave the house. But that part is at least somewhat interesting, the unusualness of constant deprivation and the appreciation it generates for the simplest things, like a cup of coffee and a croissant. With jelly maybe even.

OK, that's where we get into trouble. It's still far too soon to be considering fast-breaking possibilities. It's too soon, but that hasn't stopped me: Mark Bittman's ricotta pancakes would sound like just the thing if I didn't have to spend my first fast-breaking day eating pureed vegetables. 

One last bitch: I've mentioned before here that there's pretty much only one or two foods that I really don't enjoy at all, and will avoid consuming them if I can. So of course 9 of my next 15 meals consist of one of them: tomato juice. On the plus side, you're allowed to warm up the juices and throw some fresh herbs on top. A sprinkle of cayenne pepper probably wouldn't derail the fast either. So that's what I just had, tomato-basil "soup" with a shot of red chile. Not bad, I give it a 2 out of 10. 

(The photo above is the next day's carrot, dill, and cilantro "soup", which was at least twice as good). 


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