life in the fast lane.

AAAAAAAAAAAahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Thank you, we're here all week. Seriously, get used to these fast puns, I'm going to try to keep them up for the next 10 days, assuming I still have enough energy to move my limbs once The Deprivation occurs...

OK, so I'm beginning my Top Ten Sucky Things About This Fast list as of about an hour ago. Not that I've got a bad attitude about this whole "no food for seven days" thing: au contraire, I'm actually looking forward to it quite a bit. Nevertheless I did have a moment this morning where I realized that it's not going to be a non-stop dopamine fest. 

So, Sucky Thing #10: The Fish Food. 

Three times a day I have to take these spirulina tablets which are exactly the same spirulina tablets that I had to break in half and stick to the side of the fishtank (um, yes, the inside) when I was feeding our neighbors' aquatic friends last summer. It has a very distinctive smell, equal parts seaweed and damp vegetation, yes I realize those are the same thing it's a joke. Bottom line: spirulina in tablet form smells like the Forgotten Bag of Salad in your refrigerator. But at least it tastes great! 

No, it doesn't. But whatever...I'm pretending that I'm a sickly gray Pac-Man, and every spirulina tablet I waka-waka is skewing my hue in a greener healthier direction.


Above: homemade lemon meringue pie from Mara's grandmother, thousands of miles away from Mark' Fish Food Emporium. 


OH YEAH: I played Guitar Hero for the first time on Friday night. The verdict: pretty awesome, maybe the best video game ever b/c it's possible for girls to like it too. The downside would have to be that I have Sweet Child O' Mine, Surrender, and War Pigs on constant rotation in my head. Also, I should file under Upside the very nice piece of salmon that HP dished up, it was just what my doctor would've ordered if she'd known I needed anything. 

OH, WIKIPEDIA, STOP IT: After I followed my own link to Wikipedia, I found this bit of hilarity: 

"Guitar Hero and the way it is used have been a focus of intense study by sociologists across the country. Most notably, a group of Duke University cultural anthropologists undertook a study of video game culture and preferences amongst undergraduates. The study concluded that Caucasian males were more than ten times more likely to enjoy Guitar Hero than EA Sports Madden football. On the other side, African-American males almost exclusively played Madden when given the choice between the two games. The study cited Duke's Psychology center at 723 9th Street as a crucial force of inspiration for the topic. The scholars admit that they have no clear conclusion as to why the results were so lopsided."

Really??????? No clear conclusion. Care to hazard a guess? I mean, could it have anything at all to do with the number of real-life African-American guitarists out there playing classic rock, grunge, and nu-metal? Probably not. I also understand there are currently quite a few African-American football players in the NFL....but that's probably unrelated as well. Scholars! Bite my hirsute ass. 


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