fast buck.

The compound eye of this cute little guy is my segue into the unlikelihood of discovering a new food during a fast. 

Wha? Ja, I guess the fast part of the fast hasn't really started yet: I'm still eating. Today I bought some honey at the Natuurwinkel because we haven't had any honey here in weeks/months, and it sounded good at the time, like to put into my tea or whatever.

Anyway, because I'm a big, big geek, I generally buy monofloral honey. The Natuurwinkel has a huge selection of these, and today I sort of randomly plucked a jar of buckwheat honey. And I get the thing home, and yeah, it barely even tastes like honey...it's malty, caramelized kind of like molasses...good, but strange. It actually reminds me of, um...sex, for reasons I haven't quite put my finger on yet. 

Regardless, I mixed some with a bit of eye-poppingly serious Zaanse mustard and put it on a tomato. And then on an apple (minus the mustard). I have a feeling these are not the best uses for it. Suggestions? 

Apparently it's also quite healthy. According to honey salesmen at least.  



j-bob-ray said...

i feel a comment about sex and funghi and you coming up:

MEM said...

I really wish I had time today for coming up with some good sex-mushroom-honey innuendo, but it ain't in the cards.