pinks, blues.

I won't bore you with most of the details of what happened after my fast, let me just assure you that most of the details were boring and even worse predictably so.

The above picture is a subtle hint that I did succeed at making a vegetarian borscht, and it was very good (caraway and dill together are confusingly complementary), although I have to say that I had a hard time remaining enthusiastic about the beets themselves for more than a meal or two, what with the 4 days of beet-juice-only that preceded the borscht.


Something I am quite enthusiastic about at the moment is tonight's bibimbap, even though I just overcooked the fucking broccoli because I forgot that I didn't really know how to use the lovely Robot Steamer that Klary gifted to me:

I was a tad skeptical about whether or not this would be better/easier than my bamboo steamer, and I must admit, I think it is. Assuming that one manages to remember to check on the damn items being steamed.

Luckily my gochujang condiment thingie didn't require any steaming so I couldn't fuck it up. I've been looking for some new and exciting things to do with broccoli, and this gochujang business is, though not "new", pretty great on broccoli. Score.

The paste itself is called gochujang, I'm sure that the condiment I'm about to provide the recipe for is called something different, I just don't feel like looking it up at the mo.


gochujang condiment business for bibimbap.

3 healthy tbsp gochujang paste
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp rice vinegar or 2 tbsp cider vinegar + 1 tbsp water
1-2 tbsp water

I just shzoomed all of this up in the food processor b/c the gochujang is really thick and resists whisking pretty fiercely. The ratios above resulted in a better-than-usual mix of spicy, sweet, and salty. Just go easy on the water at first.

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