fast food.

You knew that one was coming, didn't you. 

Day 1 of 10 is OK so far. My main goals for today are to have my last cup(s) of coffee, eliminate animal products and refined foods from my diet (no biggie there) and to begin my general "vermindering" of food intake, which means "reduction" to you and me. 

I am allowed supposed to eat six times today, and for this next segment I'd like to present what's happening via a dynamic and challenging sort of DePalma-esque split-screen writing style (minus any you know actual "split-screen" due to a catastrophic vermindering of my technical wherewithal) that includes both what I thought I might eat and what I actually did eat. Confusing and unnecessary? Perhaps. Does it help me to engage with the fasting process? Hard to say. Let's continue.

Breakfast (ironic, don't you think? [eyebrow raised in jest]): 2 cups of black coffee. 1 apple, two slices whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp "real" peanut butter, 2 tbsp of ground linseed, all in the form of a sandwich (minus the coffee). And 2 fish food tablets. (ACTUALLY EATEN: Yes, what I said.) 

Snack: 6 prunes, 10 walnuts, and 125 grams of Activa prune yogurt. Stand back!!! I had this at 12:30pm, I'm kind of behind schedule. (ACTUALLY EATEN: Ditto.) 

Lunch: Hmm, kind of hard to think of something inspired to eat. I really need to start drinking some liquid. Beer would be counter-productive I imagine. I shall have some mint tea and a piece of toast with honey. Except that I have no honey. I shall have a piece of toast with no honey and no butter, and...well, that's really just a piece of bread isn't it. Blast! I shall have some (unsalted) mixed nuts! (ACTUALLY EATEN: Two fish food tablets. And eventually a handful of nuts and raisins.)

Snack: Oh, I know: I've got some whole-wheat pasta in there, plus a whole bunch of almonds and a basil plant. I shall have pasta with almond pesto minus cheese, which is not really pesto is it but I guess c'est la fucking vie. (ACTUALLY EATEN: a tomato sandwich. Half with salt, balsamic vinegar and fresh basil where my mayonnaise would normally be, and the other half with mustard and basil. Mustard won, but it's no mayo.) 

Dinner: Regarding the "split-screen". You may or may not be able to discern that I haven't actually eaten any of these meals yet, I'm just trying to figure out what the fuck I am going to eat when Mr. Low Blood Sugar shows up. Right now I just finished my Activa yogurt from Meal #2. See? Just like a DePalma movie. (ACTUALLY EATEN: a little too much of a delicious Moroccan-ish bulgur thing with tomatoes, ginger, raisins, almonds and lots of red chile pepper. Also? My tummy hurts. Probably my stimulated in-tes-tine getting ready to blow. Take cover.)

Snack: I imagine this will consist of fish food, crushed linseed, and something decadent like vegetable broth. (ACTUALLY EATEN: Nothing. My timmy hurts. I mean, my tummy hurts. Alien or Colon Blow?)

Liquid Consumed: just over 2 liters, not really enough.  


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