The answer to yesterday's closing question is: Colon Blow.


Actual Breakfast: same thing as yesterday.

Planned Lunch: Probably oatmeal with two cinnamony apples stewed with hazelnuts, raisins, and walnuts. And an Activa prune yogurt. And some fish food. 

Snack: 75g of brown rice crackers and 1 pint of carrot juice. 

Planned Dinner: A potato sounds good. Maybe even like a ratatouille if I feel wacky. An oil-less, fun-less ratatouille. Maybe even more than one potato. Two potatoes. What might one put on two potatoes if one is not eating any fat? Waaaaaah. Maybe I've got some Turkish condiment tucked away somewhere that can help. 

UPDATE: Potatoes, good. A little olive oil...good. What I should not have done was add 8 cloves of garlic to my roasted potato wedges. This is only a problem because they take an hour to cook and the smell is killing me. Nuts and yogurt will not satisfy when there are garlic potato wedges in the oven. This is my last meal before...you know.   

VERDER: This ended up being really good. The other fasting person in the building came down to complain about the smell as well...it was almost intoxicating. When they came out of the oven, all crispy and crunchy, I sprinkled them with vinegar and dusted them with smoked paprika, and....hey! That oughta be called something! It's really good

And well it is something, basically patatas bravas without the aioli. 

OK, goodbye food! See you in a week!  No, I think I get to eat something tomorrow but not a whole hell of a lot. Like half a leek. Mmmm.


I should have made something with a Butternut Reduction (right, so this isn't that funny, but I think it's well-done and I do like the animation when Snoop Dogg starts in on the day's specials):


Image at top: from Petter Thoen, used without permission.

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