new developments.

Couple of new tidbits.

1) Your sense of smell goes into overdrive when fasting, or at least mine has. With the exception of the candy makers at Papabubble and the fish frying at Volendammer Vishandel 't Centrum, I have never smelled food cooking during any of my 4,382 bikes or walks down the Haarlemmerstraat, until today.

I almost swerved off the road when I drove through a thick cloud of airborne beef and onion molecules, followed immediately by a warm mist of croissants or some other buttery baked good. And those were just the first two...shoarma came after that, and I think I even smelled a piece of bread someone was eating as I rode by.

Luckily I wasn't in the grip of debilitating hunger at the time. I did stop by Jay's Juices seconds later however, for a Fast Booster (carrot, beet, celery, and ginger), but I'd planned on doing that.

2) My sweat smells incredible, as in I don't believe it. I kept catching a whiff of something fairly unsavory on my beautiful 30 minute bike ride back from KNSM-eiland today (pictured above, it was 60F), but I didn't for a moment consider that it could be coming from me, because I really don't sweat that much and when I do it smells like raindrops and morning dew. But this is awesomely bad: it smells like the cats' litter box if we let it go a couple days too long. Ah, but maybe it's just my heightened sense of smell.

3) Something that smells gorgeous right now is my fingers. Continuing my Fresh Herb Strategy, I bought some cilantro and dill today and warmed up some carrot juice and tore them herbs up and sprinkled the results over the "soup". This was leagues better than the "tomato soup" from yesterday, maybe even twice as good...I give this a 5 out of 10.


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