healthy power time.

Department of the Interior is pleased to report that both Temperament and General Health Quotient are trending dramatically upward today, and frankly this period of Healthy Power Time showed up without a moment to spare.

Viewed through the Vegetarian Duck field glasses, Healthy Power Time over here usually means Asian food, and yes well this time it's no different. I followed up yesterday's pretty good but significantly flawed (my vegetable doneness was all over the place, I was distracted) bibimbap with an unscheduled but typically delightful stop at Toko Dun Yong this morning before hitting the gym for a punishing session of cardio and reality TV.

I really think that when I get to Heaven*, it will basically just be a slightly bigger version of Dun Yong that I can roam around in for Eternity**. Oh and it will have a big dark wooden bar with lots and lots of dark, bitter beer. And of course one Squawking Mooperbird.

Right, so today I xcaped from Heaven for less than 12 euros by focusing primarily on the cheap canned preserves that I enjoy so much. I will soon fill this very space where these words currently are with elaborate pictures and mouth-altering descriptions of what my 12 euros got me. Until then, we'll all just have to make do with another slowly growing installation of Things I May or May Not Cook.

These Taiwanese pork meatballs would sound delicious if I were eating pork. It contains one of the things I bought, hua gua, which is apparently very good for you.

* You know what I mean.
** Also.


Klary Koopmans said...

I hope your Heaven will also have a kitchen.
And a camera, and a laptop, so you can blog about it.

MEM said...

Oh right! I'm thinking nothing too elaborate, but a tortilla press would be nice, along with a deep fryer and a wood-fired pizza oven.

Of course, you're welcome to stop by and cook as well! And the beer, we'll need help with that too.

Can't wait! See you there.