fasting hacks.

Forget procrastination hacks. I need a fasting hack. The hardest thing so far is this feeling that I'm very used to having that goes like this: I'm working on something and thinking, "Hey, I'm hungry I think. How about after this little piece of work we go have a bite of food." 

The difficult part about right now is that I'm still having that "about to eat" feeling, but...no food. Also, when I got out of the shower, I thought, "Ah, a perfect time for lunch...I'm quite hungry. Oh, right." Sauerkraut juice. Maybe I'll have my daily teaspoon of boullion now as well...it's 1:24pm and I feel a bit weak. 

Be strong, VDuck! This is a test of your will!!!


LATER THAT DAY: Our hero is still very hungry. Andy came by after his first post-fast dinner (pumpkin soup) and I told him that I had a mostly shitty day of being too hungry to do anything productive. He said, "Oh yeah, that goes away in a couple days." Frown. 

The best thing about all this is that it's been made abundantly clear to me that food is a significant component of "relaxing" for me (perhaps too significant?). Planning a meal, or the cooking itself, or yes, even eating...these are kind of my default relaxation activities. And it's an oddly constrained feeling not to be able to do any of those things. It's not an entirely bad feeling, though, I feel like I'm learning something. 

In fact the only real bad feeling I have right now is guilt over a wasted day...at about 2pm I went to work out (just some cardio, that's supposed to be a good idea while you're fasting) but I got shakily hungry on my way there and had to just come home and lie around for awhile. Like 8 hours. Boo.  I was too distracted to do anything creative, so it was just Spinoza lectures from YouTube and a Demi Moore/Michael Caine movie that was honestly just fine for what it was (Flawless. I mean that's the name of the movie.) 

Hopefully tomorrow is easier. 


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