words from the heavy set.

[starting at 01:00]

Dance with the mantis, note the slim chances
Chant this, anthem swing like Pete Sampras
Takin it straight to Big Man On Campus
Brandish your weapon or get dropped to the canvas
Scandalous, made the metro panic
Cause static, with or without the automatic
And while I'm at it, yo, you got cash, pass it
It's drastic, gotta send half to Dirty Bastard


Although I just now realized that there is a video for this 7-year old track, lyric excerpts have appeared on VDuck before, here. It's not really a good video is it, but at least you get to see all nine MCs (yet no ODB) do their thing. And almost everybody says at least one quotable thing, or at least something that gets stuck in this big head (evidence of quotability may be found here). GZA's verse at the end is so tamely non-gangsta and almost mature-sounding in comparison to the rest, I wonder what the others thought when they heard it.


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