jackie joyner-kersee.

Wollo's comfortable, chocolate frosting
Your socks hangin' out, yours is talkin'
Rock so steadily, son, I'm stir crazy
Sport my old Force MD furs in the 80s
Nat Turners wit' burners, Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Taught y'all niggas how to rap, reimburse me
Rothsdale's, ruby red sales, Bloomingdale blocks
Ox tails chopped up in Caribbean spots

-Wu-Tang Clan


Massive hurdle #1 has been hurdled: just did my first "all-guitar" gig in a million years last night (meaning I didn't have any electronics to hide behind), and it went just fine. If you are a local and you weren't invited, don't fret...you weren't alone. I didn't invite anyone or tell anyone b/c I was really just nervous enough as it was.

BTW, here's an MP3 of that Wu-Tang track (Ghostface's verse above is halfway through or so). Beware: bad language and meanness therein, plus an excellent RZA beat and Method Man threatening to "put on my gasoline boots and walk through hell". I like Wikipedia's description of Wu-Tang's vibe as "surreal aggression".

Lastly, I'll be performing some sort of manly ostrich dish tonight as part of our Midweek Scrabble Throwdown. I'm thinking chiles.


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