stay pruned.

I'd posted this post once and then changed my mind, which now I'm doing again.

Because I stumbled onto a (to me, at least) weirdly successful flavor combo today: zucchini, prunes, and hazelnuts. Maybe not so weird: I'm sure a Sicilian has done something like this before.

But it reminded me that I'd been wanting to combine my increasing enjoyment of prunes with my love of cooking things for a long time and calling them confits. Thus, this space will soonishly be occupied by a recipe for...prune confit.

I didn't think of this myself. There are a couple of recipes that are tugging at my kitchen puppet strings, but I can only find one of them at the moment: the Prune and Shallot Confit described here. The French Laundry serves one, but I ain't seen a recipe for it. Stay tuned.


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