cupboard's bare.

You really start eating differently after your at-home inventory dips below a certain level. Due to a busy pre-Easter week we kind of forgot to do grocery shopping before the holiday weekend. This is not a huge deal, since we live 30 seconds away from the one grocery store in town you know will be open.

But we also just didn't feel like going to the store. We were working on complicated things, it was snowing, etc. So after a few days of this, there's no fresh food in the house (especially with the size of our refrigerators...think college dorm) and you begin rummaging through cupboards.

And turning up things like spicy Moroccan sardines, which I just put on a piece of toasted bread with butter, fresh mint, and a little lemon, these are great. I know that sardines are a divisive foodstuff, and frankly I've had some sardines that just about ended my relationship with them. But if you can find a brand you like and trust, they can be some dang good eatin'.

Why just look at this tasty specimen here. This is what you get when you open a tin of Tagine sardines and dump it into a cute little plate.

Yes, those are chile peppers and mandolined carrots and onions in there as well. Then you toast some bread, toss the fishies onto it, tear off a couple of fresh mint leaves and add them, squeeze a little lemon on there, and if you're not planning on leaving the house, add some raw onion. And then bite the heck out of it.


I also found some chickpea flour when I was rummaging around. With which you make socca/farinata (pictured at the top of this post) like we did last night. Recipe from the VDuck archives here, and guess what: I still need a new pizza pan.


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