Shit, man. There are few things as sobering as being reminded that the Internets can break. I haven't been able to post lately b/c Google keeps giving me some wack excuse about a "502 Server Error". I thought we were past that shit. Isn't the internet supposed to be in that awesome "always on" state that BillG used to be proselytizin' about?

It matters not. Sorry about the general lack of activity here, I've been busy, off marveling at how old we're all getting, another sobering area of investigation. Today's evidence came in the form of a middle-aged Sherilyn Fenn starring in an extremely American TV movie with Gary Cole (although I just re-read this and imagined Gary Coleman instead, which I think would've made for a better movie) about an 80s' metal band that reunites for a big paycheck. The problem here is that Sherilyn Fenn is not ever supposed to get any older than she was in Twin Peaks.


Eating like a bastard again, so this week we once again see me try to flip the switch on the Lil' K-Pon Spring Reduction program. Must...succeed.

Right now I've got four pieces o' chicken breast in the fridge that need something done to them. I'm thinking of stuffing them, that's usually the only way to get Miss Mara to eat one. My first inclination is to check Mark Miller's Indian Market menus (listed in the back of the Indian Market Cookbook) for inspiration. For example, he's got a chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and corn with a wild mushroom sauce that looks pretty good...and another stuffed with ham, fontina, and sage with a smoked tomato sauce. Anyway...I let you know what happen.

UPDATE: Of course I didn't do any of the above. I made a thoroughly disappointing Orange-Mustard Chicken and a vastly more interesting Lemon Chicken with Goat Cheese and Smoked Eggplant, both inspired by things in the San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook. The latter was worth refining, basically chicken marinated in garlic, lemon, and thyme and put under the broiler with goat cheese on top, served over a sauce of smoked, pureed eggplant and yogurt.



Klary Koopmans said...

middle-aged? she's only 4 years older than SOME people...

MEM said...

I don't know what your longevity plans look like, but I'm think that 40 sounds pretty literally "middle-aged" for most men. This man in particular will consider himself extremely fortunate to last that long.

And that's exactly my punto: she's only a little older than me, and all of the sudden she looks like someone's mom (begins digging hole). I mean, I love moms, don't get me wrong (more digging), but Sherilyn Fenn is a mom-free zone (hole complete). Was.

This image-destroying comment brought to you by the early-morning pre-coffee shift at Vegetarian Duck!