For Clare's 40th birthday party last night, the dress code was "unbecoming". Mara won the Best Dressed prize.

So, alright, yes, I know the next question is, what did I wear? I found out last night that, truly, no good deed goes unpunished. I didn't make it to the party until just after midnight because I'd been supporting our friends at BvB by showing up for their CD release party at the BIMhuis. So, logistically, I couldn't really do the whole costume thing, could I.

Clare, however, being the fun girl that she is, had a policy of "No Costume? No Problem. We'll Dress You." And oh, did I suffer. If only I could find a picture of that. Oh, well. Here's a rather unbecoming picture of Clare instead that will hopefully teach her not to pick on a blogger.



Abra said...

Jeez, you guys sure know how to have fun. Beginning of June, I'll be there, don't be square!

MEM said...

Oh, we try, we try...
Great that you guys are going to be here! Any agenda yet, or is this a more unstructured visit?

Abra said...

Probably the 7th to the herring festival with KK, and the 10th is our anniversary. Otherwise, a free for all.