putty pwoblems.

"Theresa in Green Bay, WI has a pair of cats that used to meow outside her bedroom door at 5 in the morning waiting to be fed. She discovered that her cats hate the sound of recorders – the musical instrument that sound almost like whistles. She kept one by her bed, and when her cats started meowing in the morning, she played a few notes. Boy did they run! It only took about four days to stop the problem, and she never even had to get out of bed!"


The cats are out of control. They're spending their days locked in the throes of some indecipherable power struggle with each other, each of them striving to stake claim to higher and higher ground, to increasingly comic effect. But somehow they manage to find something to agree upon every morning at 5am: their unquenchable desire to communicate to us something as-yet-untranslatable. We feed them. They still meow. We chase them around a little, they still meow. We curse them. Meow. On and off until 8am or so. Meow. Meow. Meow.

They've always done this, but in the other apartment we could keep them out of the bedroom. Now we can't, and well, no one seems very happy about it. Our situation isn't as bad as some I've read about (every morning from 3am to 6am would suck), but it is every morning, usually around 5 or 6, which for this half-insomniac family is far too early. Guess we'll have to put them down. Kidding. What I meant to say was: guess who's going to be playing recorder duets in the mornings.

UPDATE: This morning, no meowing. We tried several techniques yesterday, and one of them worked apparently. 1) Very little food during the day, and a large-size meal (half a handful) right before bed. 2) A little playing before bedtime. 3) Fan next to head of bed where the crier-on-duty normally stands. 4) Recorders next to bed, ready to be played.


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