Above: the aftermath of John's Bad Haircut at around 2:30am. Below: everything we did for the party.


lupini beans
spinach dip
black olives with orange and rosemary
green olives with argan oil, thyme, and fennel
blue cheese and rosemary cheese ball
cheddar and guinness cheese ball
Hilly's caesar salad deviled eggs
salpicon di panga
salmon rillettes
mackerel, beet, green apple, horseradish thing
zucchini + caramelized onion frittata a la marcella
P-Woe and K-lijn's MARQT cheese plate
Ottolenghi's squash and tahini dip
Ivo's blood orange and fennel salad
Hilly's endive and walnut and roquefort thingies

various focaccie (a Nolio and a Dennis)
Ottolenghi's stuffed mushrooms
real-ass buffalo wings (cooking instructions)
real-ass BBQ pulled pork
chorizo al sidra
puff pastry with roasted red peppers + goat cheese
maybe Ottolenghi's caramelized garlic tart

lemon meringues
lemon-apricot-rosemary sugar coookies
date pinwheels
pistachio brownies
flo braker's pain d'amande
raspberry macaroons

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