let's turn this thing around.

Yes, OK, back to Doomsday Rehab! First, a review of the week's drinking. Friday's Smell and Learn? Yes. Saturday's La Perla Invasione? Yes. Sunday's Easter Brunch? NO (bravo, biotch). Monday's La Perla Re-visited? Yes. Tuesday's Boomshangalang? Yes. Wednesday's Hangover Concert? Yes. Thursday's 2nd Hangover Day? NO. Friday's Flat Stanley Tour and International Relations Conference? Yes.

No serious damage done, only truly drunk moments were around 4am Tuesday night (thanks Ron). And yet it's completely obvious why this cannot be the default setting: terrible dreams, terrible sleep, pretty cranky mood, no exercise, bad diet, too much smoking. But Mark, can't you just have one civilized glass of wine with dinner? No. Sometimes. Rarely.

And so.....wagon.


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