Above: you may remember me complaining about my mess of equipment onstage a couple weeks ago. I have nothing to complain about: this is what my comrade Raphael brought to a solo gig at the Muziekgebouw last week, along with eight (8) amplifiers.


Below: We are having a party. Our first party in a long, long time (ok, thirteen months). And so, as you might expect, we're cooking. Yesterday I tried our Georgia pulled pork recipe for the first time in here in Amsterdam and....it worked pretty well. Some notable things.

1) the piece of pork I bought was a "schouder rollade" (allow me to translate for you: a "shoulder roulade"), and it was much much leaner than the the pork shoulders we buy in Georgia. So lean that even though I got the core temperature up to 90C, this pork was pretty impossible to shred. Too lean. So I chopped it. Crisis averted. 

2) it was impossible to find a shoulder as big as the ones we're used to in Georgia, the biggest one I found was roughly half the size, so, utilizing my formidable math skills, I was able to determine that we needed to buy two of them. 

3) We froze the results so we could reheat them the day of the party, and our research revealed that the best technique is to sauce the cooked and pulled pork, then freeze in roughly 1kg portions. 

That's pretty much it for now. 


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