fungo setting.

When we have some sort of organized dinner for more than a few people, I tend to play the role of "outside guy" (shopping), mostly because I'm not very good at any of the "inside guy" tasks, such as making the house presentable. I just don't see things that need cleaning.

So I'm shopping today, with a list that Mara gave me, mostly baking stuff. As you may know, I don't bake, pretty much ever, so when for example I see "almonds" on the list, I don't know if they should be blanched, or toasted, or shaved, or any of the other things you can do to almonds.

And that is why I came home from shopping today and said to Mara, "Man, I couldn't find vanilla. I went three places, and I found one bottle at the Maroc, but I didn't buy it because I knew you needed six."

And Mara's all "What are you talking about."
I say something like "I couldn't find six bottles of vanilla."
Mara: "What are you talking about six bottles."
Me: "It's on the list!"
Mara: "Um, no it's not. Six bottles?"
Me: "It says right here (handing her the list) '6x'"
Mara: "(reading the list) Aahahaha, etc."



Zora said...

That's exactly how we ended up with about eight gallons of red wine vinegar. I think we finally used up the last of it a few months back, more than five years later.

MEM said...

i like that eight gallons of red wine vinegar is realistic enough to fool whoever was doing the shopping.