half of my leg is still my calf.

We generally don't like to get all mushy around here, but tonight was one of those nights when there couldn't be anything better than hanging out in the kitchen cooking and monkeying around with your monkey while listening to your shared musical history on shuffle.


This was one of the more casual results, not the slice of cheesecake it looks like, but a piece of turkey breast. If I ran a women's magazine I would place this recipe in my "Fast 'N' Breezy Weeknight Dinners in 30 Minutes" thingie (right before I slit my own throat! hahahaha). Would be even more appetizing if "turkey" wasn't such an ugly word. Maybe Italian will help.

tacchino con salvia, senape, e mandorle con olio di semi di zucca.

turkey breast
dried sage
Dijon mustard
raw almonds, chopped
roasted pumpkinseed oil
possibly fig or raspberry preserves or another fruity option for garnish/drizzle (grizzle?)


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