pizza gold.

Back to La Perla after a long absence, and again: super undisappointing. In fact if there's a problem with La Perla (besides their overpriced bar drinks), it's that the Calabrese di Spilinga is a fantastic pizza, so good that even the other truly great pizzas on the menu suffer in comparison.

And thus even though you can end up with a "win-win" situation like my finocchiona/calabrese split above, you're still kind of wishing it was all 'nduja. If you're there with Mara and KK and Nick and Minnie, however, your difficult situation can be mitigated somewhat by the ordering of a sixth pizza that bats the opposite of cleanup and sends everyone scattering into the night with their needs for spicy sausage pretty much completely met.

UPDATE: Went back two days later, same thing.


Nick and Minnie said...

you forgot to mention the intermezzo of free ecoli i picked up on the sidewalk outside la perla! smoky and delicious.

MEM said...

i also left out your brush with discount dental reconfiguration...hopefully you guys managed to avoid further mishap?