pop-up pork buns.

First things first: I had some beers this weekend. It was the eve of my five-week sobriety mark, and I must say, it wasn't entirely unplanned. I'm actually quite glad I did it this weekend instead of waiting til next weekend. It was, in a word, disappointing.

The most positive aspect was getting to taste an IJ Zatte, which was delicious as usual. Everything else about the drinking was pretty shitty: it fucked with my sleep, brought my jiggling leg back, and generally lessened my feelings of well-being, whatever that means.

So: I'm back off the sauce until further notice. I can imagine having a drink or two next weekend, but I also wonder why I would do that if I'm not enjoying it. We'll see.


Elsewhere, other experiments were afoot. BaoProject had a Pop-up Pork Bun event at Formocha Premium Tea Shop on Saturday.

Four types of buns, three euros each.

Of course I had to order one of each, this is the chicken:

This is the crispy pork.

The buns themselves were perfect pillows of fluffy warmth. As far as fillings went, and if you love pork as much as I do, there wasn't much reason to taste anything other than the pork: the tofu was the tiniest bit on the unassuming side and the chicken could've been slightly less ponzu-dominant, more rounder. Both pork options were great, though, and how could they not be. Next time it happens, go. But go early: they ran out at 3:30pm this time.


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