Of course I'm talking to the weathermen on this side of the world. Rainy all weekend long was the prediction as recently as yesterday.

If you're one of the people who may have invited me out of the house this weekend and I said no I wasn't going anywhere, the fact that I am outside has nothing to do with you, it just happened ("it meant nothing!").

I was up early after an amazing night of sleep, and so I started cleaning, which is my goal for the day. I needed to drop off 4000 dead batteries at the Dirk and take a bag of old clothes (mine, honey, mine) to the, uh, "clothes donation point", can't remember the Dutch, which is a big enclosed dumpster looking thing, so I went outside...

And then I just kept going. It was beautifully sunny, and, since it was supposed to rain all day, I thought I'd sneak in a little bike ride while it wasn't. And so I started off through the Westerpark.

It didn't get any less nice, so I kept going. And kept going, all the way to Sloterdijk.

I really like Sloterdijk on Sundays, it reminds me of my adolescence in suburban Atlanta. Whereas previous generations of kids used to sneak off into the woods to drink, smoke, and fool around, we didn't have any woods. So we used to sneak off into deserted office parks.

This was before workplace shootings, cheap webcams, and cellphones, so security was an entirely different ballgame back then, just some old fat dude in a car with a walkie-talkie and no gun. As long as you avoided him you were OK.

And then I rode home.

And now I'm going to clean.



steph said...

paper = papierbak
glass = glasbak =>
clothing = kledingbak

(kids from the 70's loose in the back of the Ford Country Squire with fake wood paneling are in the way-back)

MEM said...

Thanks Steph...seemed like it had a fancier, marketing-derived name. Like to "jazz it up" a little. I'll check later when I take another bag...

MEM said...

How sad that my family never owned a station wagon...who knows what else I missed.