nothing to report.

€4.50 train to beach, €2 herring, the usual budget-minded half-asceticism. Still dieting. Etc.


I did finally have a chocolate breakdown last night. I just had to do it so I could stop thinking about it. So I bought a Lovechock bar for the first time, because they're "healthy": raw cocoa nibs, buckwheat, sea salt and agave syrup, etc. They're also shockingly expensive, which is I why I've never bought one before: €3.00 for 40 grams of chocolate.

Hard to tell if they need to be that expensive or not. How did it taste? Well, considering that I haven't had any sugar or chocolate-related things for about 3 weeks now (I did have some pickles with my herring, that's about the only sugar I've had lately), the Lovejoy tasted like a long-anticipated conjugal visit after the first few lonely years of a 7-to-10 stint in a desert island prison.

What? I'm sure I don't mean that literally (eww). I barely know what I mean, never having been in prison or, really, on a desert island I don't think. Definitely never both simultaneously. I'm skirting the issue, aren't I.

Another time. The chocolate. Very unsweet. Very healthy-tasting, and I don't necessarily mean this as a compliment. But: since its "healthiness" was the reason I shelled out big dollahs for it, I have to ask myself if the overall effort was successful, if we consider the goals: 1) satisfy chocolate craving 2) without feeling too bad about it. So, yes. I guess it was. Would I rather eat a Lovejoy than a comparably-priced Vahlrona or Dolfijn or Scharffenberger bar? Absolutely not.

Two more weeks of full-on fitness.


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