tumble into the sea.

Is true, clicking here gives you the big map.

Yes, not much happening in these parts other than beginning Season One of Mad Men (is nice) and trip preparation. Below we are having the updation of le plan du travel. And oh yeah: my language skills continue to amaze.

Should it disturb me that I am suddenly the #1 Google result for just about every listing below? Or is this a corroboration of the guidebooks' constant reminder that "this is the last bit of unspoiled Sardinian coastline". And should that disturb me, etc.

Something completely undisturbing is that we'll mostly be drinking Cannonau in Sardinia, an often homemade wine featuring primarily Grenache grapes, and also featuring something like a 15% alcohol level. Proceed with caution.


  • Ristorante L'Isolotto. Via Ariosto 4-6, Lotzorai. Tue-Sun. Tel: 0782 669431.
    Isolated hole in the wall, but within walking distance I think, just off of Via Dante. Sounds good. It's in the Michelin guide, and there's one review here. Mostly seafood it sounds like? And: there is a veranda.
  • La Peschiera San Giovanni, Riva di Ponente, Spiaggia Cartiera, Tortoli-Arbatax. Tel:0782.664415.
    Quite nearby, but this may be overly ambitious (I mean volume-wise, check out the photos). It's a restaurant run by a fishermen's cooperative. Reservations supposedly essential in high season. Pics here. Write-up here. Here are some Italians talking about it.

  • Locanda Il Rifugio. Cooperativo Goloritze, Baunei. Tel: 0782.610599.
    This looks amazing if we are brave enough to head up there and then drive back after a glass of wine or two. It's kind of a toss-up between this and...

  • Ristorante Golgo. Località Golgo, via Bitzocoro 10, Baunei. Lunch and dinner.Tel: 0782610675.
    Very close to Il Rifugio, this looks like a must-do, Google turns up nothing but great reviews in Italian.

  • Ispinigoli, Strada Statale 125 km 210, Dorgali. Tel: 0784/95268 - 94293.
    Huge place, seats 500, not its most attractive feature, but it is recommended by Osterie d'Italia.

  • Agriturismo I Mandorli, Loc. Arcisitzo, Triei.Tel: 0782 646787.
    Looks beautiful, can't find any reviews of it. Might be our Special Occasion choice, however, due to location.

  • Agriturismo Nuraghe Mannu, Cala Gonone, Dorgali.
    Another must-reserve, this one because the restaurant is mostly for overnight guests.

  • Bar L'Olivastro. Via Lungomare Montesanto 1, Baunei.
    Open 07:30-02:00 everyday it looks like. Panini, ice cream, booze.

  • Il Pescatore, Via Acqua Dolce 7, Cala Gonone, Dorgali.
    Um, overpriced and average according to English speakers, but Italians seem to like it.

  • Hotel Pop. Piazza del Porto, Cala Gonone, Dorgali. Tel: 078493185.
    Yes, a hotel, but apparently at dinnertime it's full of locals. Lots and lots of good reviews.

  • Star 2. Via Lungomare, Arbatax.
    Varied reviews, should probably be thought of as a pizza joint.


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