Went to Rotterdam last night to see a gig by two very different instrument builders, each distinctive in approach but with ultimately similar results: kinda fascinating sound-generation process, kinda not-so-interesting-to-stand-around-and-watch music, a bit too repetitive.

But yes, the tolerability of your repetitiveness depends critically on what you're repeating. Sometimes eez not so bad:

Disappointing music notwithstanding, I was reminded again how much I like visiting Rotterdam for its totally different, big, urban, and adult feel. You'll always hear that it's not a beautiful city, but I don't know, I always find it to be a refreshingly different version of urban Dutchness whenever I'm rubbing up against the smallness of Amsterdam. Which I wasn't.

I didn't eat anything there this time, but if I did, it would've been fried chicken. Rotterdam has a surprising number of fried chicken places...anyone know why? No smart answers. Unless that's the right answer, I guess.

This is the Weenahuis. Really. Click on it if you don't believe me.

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